Verticals make versatility look good

Just because something is practical and easy to clean doesn’t mean it can’t look fabulous! That’s what we aim for with the outstanding selection of vertical blinds from Condor Blinds & Shutters Ltd. Our quality verticals are made-to-measure in a wide variety of fabrics and colours, and are ideal for solving all of your privacy, shade, and security needs. We can customise your blinds to fit conservatories, patio doors, and sloping windows for cost-effective solutions that you are guaranteed to love!

Thermal verticals

Whether you’re trying to keep the heat in or block it out completely, you can’t go wrong with thermal vertical blinds from Condor Blinds & Shutters Ltd. Our SPC fabric is coated with a reflective metallic powder that deflects heat, reduces glare, and cuts out harmful UV radiation. Choose from vertical, roller, or pleated blind styles for the ideal thermal solution.

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Black out verticals

Black out verticals don’t have to be black! In fact, Condor Blinds & Shutters Ltd offers a wide range of coloured polymer fabrics to choose from, so you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. While all of our fabrics come with a solid backing for a truly opaque finish, our expert design team recommends darker colours to mitigate the effects of light bleeding between the slats and around the edges. 

 To find out more about our vertical blinds, call 01243 838320! 

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