Conservatory Blinds

Enjoy your conservatory all year round

There’s nothing better than relaxing with a cup of tea in your brand new conservatory. Then, July rolls around and it becomes too hot and too bright to sit comfortably for very long. When this happens, you need expert guidance from the friendly and personable team at Condor Blinds & Shutters Ltd. We offer outstanding solutions to keep your conservatory comfortable all year round.

Pleated blinds

For a practical, tailored solution for your conservatory, pleated blinds from Condor Blinds & Shutters Ltd are a great choice. All of our products provide excellent shade and come in four main types of fabric with varying degrees of thermal protection. Our fabric types include:

Plain – a cost-effective, non-rigid fabric, but offers no thermal protection.
Solar Protective Coating (SPC) – has a reflective surface to repel heat, block UV rays, and reduce interior temperatures, but has limited insulation properties.
Energy Saving Protection (ESP) - excellent at reducing temperatures and providing good insulation.
Cellular ESP – double layer of insulation, which ensures a comfortable conservatory all year round.
roof blinds

Roof blinds

Enjoy your conservatory any time you want with exceptional roof blinds from Condor Blinds & Shutters Ltd. We offer four different fabrics to choose from, but the plain option is not suitable for conservatory roofs since the non-rigid fabric can be prone to sagging. We can install your blinds using a standard method or by tensioning, which allows you to adjust your blinds without calling out a fitter. Our knowledgeable team is eager to help you determine the right fabric and installation options for your conservatory.
roof shades

Roof shades

For an easy-to-clean alternative to pleated blinds, the designers at Condor Blinds & Shutters Ltd have created made- to-measure shades that give your conservatory a soft, tent-like charm. These machine washable, UV stabilised acrylic fabric panels are available in plain, dim out, black out, and thermal varieties. You can choose from a flat, tailored finish or a draped, tented style to suit your tastes and budget. We also offer 3, 5, or 7 year maintenance and cleaning services to help to prolong the life of your shades.

For expert advice on choosing your conservatory blinds, call 01243 838320!

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