Black Out Blinds

For a dark room any time of day

Whether you work the late shift and sleep during the day or you want your young children to go to bed at a reasonable time in the summer, black out blinds are a must. At Condor Blinds & Shutters Ltd, we offer a wide variety of black out blinds to suit your needs, and they don’t even have to be black! They come in an endless array of colours and prints; some are even waterproof, making them ideal for bathrooms and showers. While most effective when fitted as roller blinds, we do also carry pleated and vertical options. 
black sofa

Home cinema blinds

Create the ultimate home cinema with high quality black out blinds from Condor Blinds & Shutters Ltd. Our outstanding products not only provide a total black out environment, but can be integrated into your AV system so they come down automatically when you turn on your DVD or Blu-Ray, meaning that you can sit back and enjoy the show!

For expert advice on choosing black out blinds, call 01243 838320!

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